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Croker, Richard

Holmes, Ed

Thurston, Leslie




Somes, Barbara (Ball)



 Wesley E. Reed
  P.O. Box 523
  Winter Harbor. Maine  04693-0523




LaCount, Clarence (Summer e-mail)
LaCount, Clarence (Winter e-mail)


Alley, Kieth

Dolliver, Louise (Smith)

Robbins, Harold


Ballard, Diane (Michael)


Alley, Marcia (Skeate)

Clement, Diane (Martin)



Hinckley, Fred (Home)
Hinckley Fred (Work)

Murphy, Allen



Rich, Gerald P.


Clough, Edith Richards. I live in Corinth, ME.
I'd like to hear from any of my classmates.
My address is 19 Manor Drive, Apt#9 Corinth, Maine 04427
my email address is _grammye1935@aol.com.
Hope to hear from many of you who went to "Pemetic High" with me.

Hodgkins, Rebecca "Becky" Carlson


Bouchard, Jon

Moore, William
William (Bill) Moore
23 Hillwood Dr.
Niantic, CT 06357
Pemetic class of 1958

Lynne Birlem

Thatcher, Elizabeth (Sanborn)


Butler, Carl
(1941 - 2015)

Black, Leslie 9
(1941 - 2017)

Carter, William

Carroll, Anne (DeGolyer)

Davis, Robert

Goodwin, Donna (Michaud)

Francis, Jackie Sawyer

Gott, Pearl
1324 McDow Dr. Rock Hill, S.C. 29732
Gott, Jane (Wass)

Hupper, Karen (Craig)

Johnson, Vernon

Joyce, Sharon (Butterfield)

Madore, Loretta (Rogers)

Trask, Muriel (Fahey)

Stanwood, Edith


Bunker, Susan (Newman)

Lewis, George

Michaud, Al

Murphy, Raymond  

Phinney, Lorraine (Montgomery)

Pinkham, Fred & Diana

Thomas, Barry

Wellington, John


Robinson, Jean


Hutchins, Judy (Goodwin)

Trask, Brian

Smith, Edward

Walter Higgins, Jr.



Davis, Joan (Sholty)


Michael Galbreath

Black, Rob

Bracy, lorraine



Kenneth Thomas



Gilley, Charles "Chad"

Newman, Kathe (Walton)


Murphy, Lisa Melcher,    (Bowdoin, Maine )


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