The Pemetic General Alumni Association is inviting all attendees of the Pemetic Junior High School and grammar school to be members of the new "Pemetic School General Alumni Association".  If you are a graduate, attended Pemetic Junior High/Grammar School or was a teacher, you are eligible. 

It would be very helpful if the class officers of the years 64 -  to present would contact as many classmates as possible to encourage membership. The following are a few of the students.

64 Frank Soares, Emmy Lou Trask, Carol Reed, Ellen Martel,
65 George Higgins, Shirley Worcester, Liz Marshall, Bill Hamblen.
66 Phil Trask,Danny Harper, Raymond Bunker, Gerald Cummings.
67 Mary Herrin, Phil Whitney, Linda Bennett, Gary Mitchell.
68 Ronald Reed, Gary Hodgdon, Barbara Spurling, Brenda Berry, Peggy Robinson, Brian Worcester.
69 - *72 was the first year graduates of the current Pemetic Junior High building.
73 - 85
86 Missy Lewis
87 Beau Lisy, Chip Young, Jeremy Hopkins
88 James Allen, Jennifer Carroll
89 to date

To Join By Mail: Send info to Harold Beal, 28 Seawall Road, Southwest Harbor, Me 04679

To Join by internet at the
Pemetic Blog Site:

To Join and submit material by 

More info at Pemetic Alumni WebSite

Don't forget to include your address, class year and if
married your maiden name and Spread the word!

The Alumni meet every year on the last Saturday of June for a reunion at the Legion Hall from 1-4. There will be a table set up to share your memorabilia, so bring photos, news clippings, year books, POW-WOWs  etc.   A dance concludes the event from 7 to 11 featuring Lee Southard.

Note:The Pemetic General Alumni Association was initiated by Marion Waterman Meyer, a former teacher at Pemetic. She solicited the aid of Harold Beal (44), Les Thurston (40), and Tommy Newman (44) to establish the Association for all who attended Pemetic High school, as well as the Waterman Scholarship Fund at the University of Maine at Orono. This fund enables financial assistance to any alumni, or direct descendent, or any former student of Pemetic High School, even if they only attended for a short time.

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